An open letter from Dan McKellar

by Brumbies Media

I love hearing former ACT Brumbies players talk about the buzz of 25,000 at GIO Stadium.

In some ways I envy them, because I want my players to experience the same thing when they run on their home field.

There was a spark last weekend. Beating the NSW Waratahs is always a great feeling, but scoring nine tries in front of our biggest crowd in 12 months made it really special.

The challenge will be turning that spark into something bigger when we play the Melbourne Rebels on Saturday night and then the Queensland Reds next weekend.

I want that buzz feeling back at GIO Stadium. The players want the buzz back. And I'm sure the fans do, too.

We have won 18 of our last 20 games at home, and every single one of you who have committed your time, energy and hard-earned money to turn our stadium into a Fortress have played a significant part in that.

You are the difference. You are the thing that tips the scale in our favour.

We need you to continue to be the difference. We want you to bring a mate to the rugby this Saturday night.

If all 9,322 of you, who watched us score nine tries last weekend bring a mate, we'll double our crowd to nearly 20,000.

A bigger crowd, a bigger atmosphere, means more energy for us to become what we want to become.

The best provincial rugby team in the world. Yes, we've had a great start to 2021 but it's only that, a start.

We all know where we want to get to this season, and with your support, I believe we can make it happen.

Last year was incredibly tough for all of us, in countless ways, but not being able to have us all come together at GIO Stadium was undoubtedly the hardest.

I wanted to write this letter to thank you for your continued support.

It's no secret Australian rugby has had it's struggles, but I and many others firmly believe there is a bright future ahead.

Having 6,500 watch us win Super Rugby AU was special, but it was still hard knowing that some of our Brumbies Family couldn’t be there.

There is a different feeling when we walk out on the turf knowing you’re in the stands.

The lift the crowd gives us is incredible.

We truly feel like we have a greater purpose than winning for ourselves.

We want that feeling back at GIO Stadium.