Brumbies Fan Running for Autism

by Brumbies Media

Growing up on the Autism spectrum, Lifelong Brumbies fan Gerard Atkinson found the only place he could connect to people, was on the rugby field.

Diagnosed with Austism as a 36-year-old, Gerard is running a marathon in aid of Austism Spectrum Australia, with rugby ball in hand, at his home ground in Mascot, NSW.

“I had always felt like I saw the world through different eyes to others, “Gerard said.

“Growing up, autism was far less known and, in my case, people just put me into the "gifted" box and left it at that.

“As a kid and as an adult, it was always hard to make new friendships, but rugby ended up being a place where no matter where I was, I felt accepted.

“It's why I still volunteer each weekend, even though I can't play anymore.”

Autism Spectrum Australia is an organisation which helps create employment and education opportunities for those on the Austism Spectrum.

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